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This publication is e-mailed every Sunday.  It reviews the previous week's statistical reports, policy statements and other relevant events in the context of:

  1)  how they influence decision makers in  Washington;
  2)  whether they have been interpreted correctly by
       financial markets; and
  3)  how they impact the economic outlook.

These documents are published about 12 times a year and cover a wide range of topics which have a longer term impact on financial markets.  Past topics have included:  Exit Strategy Revisited, Notes on Janet Yellen, Lifting the Lid on Capital Spending, What about A Debt Boycott, Huis Clos - Managing Money with a Large Balance Sheet.

This is a quarterly publication which reviews major areas of economic activity and presents the forecast in a quick read format with brief commentary. We select charts for each publication from our actively monitored library of over 1000 charts.

From mid February until late May the Federal Government returns several hundred billion dollars in tax refunds.  We monitor these refunds and publish a brief report every three weeks with a status update.  The Labor Conditions Monitor is published before FOMC meetings and includes a variety of labor market indicators used by Fed officials.

We often see statistics being used in ways that misrepresent or misinterpret economic data. When these errors affect investment decisions, they need to be exposed. Our objective is to help our clients avoid these errors.